Coffins and Caskets

Australian Pensioner Funerals have a range of caskets and coffins for sale. These were selected to suit a variety of different financial, cultural, religious and environmental needs.

We suggest thinking about the following considerations when reviewing our range of caskets and coffins for sale:

  • The colour, shape and design of the coffin or casket
  • Traditional or contemporary
  • Religious or cultural requirements
  • The expressed wishes of the deceased
  • Considerations relating to environment or budget
  • We can provide a complimentary range of fittings appropriate for your beliefs (such as a rose or crucifix).


William Deluxe

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Davidson (White)

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Last Supper

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20 Gauge Steel

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Long Life

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Environmental Options

We understand that the environment is a key concern for many of our client families.
We have created an expanding range of environmentally friendly options to suit this need.
These options take sustainability and fairly sourced materials into account.

The Sustainable 'Enviro' Coffin

 The 'Enviro' coffin is 100% Australian Made from all natural, sustainable materials.  100% Plantation Timber, No Metal, Plastic or Glues, Unbleached biodegradable Calico Interior. Australian made.

Basic Enviro

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Enviro Deluxe

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Hand Woven Willow Caskets

These caskets are hand-crafted from materials derived from the willow tree, and are created with sustainability in mind.


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Expression Coffins

An alternative option to a traditional coffin, is a personalised 'Expression Coffin'.
Manufactured in Australia, these coffins are made of sustainable materials, and environmentally-friendly, water-based inks.
Each Expression coffin features a popular photographic design, or can be personalised with the custom image of your choice.

Click Here to view the full range on the Expression Coffins website.

Red Roses

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