Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I have to be on a pension to take advantage of Australian Pensioner Funerals quality and affordable funeral services?

No. Everyone is welcome to use our services, whether they be a pensioner or not.

How can I be sure that I am only getting the services I need? Do your staff work on commission?

We have a strong belief in integrity and wish to provide you with only the services that you require. Our funeral directors are not on commission, and do not need to report their sales to anyone. Our consultants take pride in providing the most affordable funerals in Melbourne, and have no incentive to sell you a more expensive product, or a service that you do not require.

Are there any hidden fees in your package prices?

No. Our Complete Package Prices provide a complete and dignified funeral service, GST is included in all our quotes, our only extra fee is if an after hours transfer is required as quoted in the packages.

Once a funeral is prepaid do I have to pay any extra? What if the service isn't required for a extended period of time?

No. If you decide to take out a prepaid funeral plan with Australian Pensioner Funerals there is no more to pay ever. We will provide the funeral service as listed on our agreement even if the funeral isn't required for another 50 years.

If I move interstate, will my prepaid funeral plan be valid?

Unfortunately Australian Pensioner Funerals are currently operating only in Melbourne. If you do move there would be extra costs associated with transferring the deceased to Melbourne.

If you wanted to hold the service in your new home state, your executor or Next of Kin would be required to contact a local funeral Director.

The money held in Trust would go towards the cost of the funeral, however many funeral directors' fees aren't as competitive as our prices, so additional funds may be required to make up the difference.