How To Plan A Funeral Service? 

We understand that planning a funeral can be a difficult and stressful process, which is why our dedicated team have put together this page. It explains the process of organising a funeral, and guides you through the process.

1) Choose a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director is the person who will collaborate with your family to help organise and plan a funeral service. They will help you in every aspect of the day and guide you through the initial process.

Choosing a Funeral Director is an important decision, and can be one of the hardest decisions which you will have to make at this time. It is important to choose a Funeral Director who understands your personal situation, so that they can truly celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that is dignified and true to their memory.

As an 100% family owned and operated company, Australian Pensioner Funerals takes a personalised approach to planning a funeral. We take care to personally match you to a Funeral Director who will understand your cultural, spiritual, and financial needs so that they can ensure the memorial service is a beautiful and fitting tribute of your loved one's life. This Funeral Director will be your personal consultant for the entire process, and will be available to assist you anytime with any enquiry you might have. If you would like to be matched to your personal consultant now, you can call us on (03) 9419 0004.

Once you have chosen a Funeral Director, the next step is to arrange the transfer of your loved one into the care of their care. Once this has been arranged, your personal Funeral consultant will contact you to discuss the funeral arrangements.

2) Arranging a Funeral

At your first meeting with your personal funeral consultant, you will have the opportunity to discuss your wishes for the memorial service, and with the gentle advice of your consultant, be able to make some important decisions about the day. Some of the things which you might discuss in this meeting are listed below:

  • Will it be a Burial or Cremation Service?
  • Will you have a Religious Minister or Civil Celebrant to lead the memorial service?
  • Where will the Funeral be held? Some examples could be: a church, chapel, reception venue, local club, football ground, community hall or your own home.
  • Which day, date and time is suitable for the memorial service?
  • Which songs would be suitable for the day?
  • Would you like fresh flowers at the memorial service?
  • Is a coffin or casket more suitable?
  • Would you like to place a funeral notice or tribute in the newspaper?
  • Will there be speakers to read a poem or tribute, or to deliver a Eulogy?
  • How would you like to personalise the service?
  • Would you like to have Order Of Service booklets, Commemorative Bookmarks or a DVD Photo Presentation?

3) The Funeral Arrangements

At the end of your meeting with your personal consultant, you will have made some decisions about how you would like to personalise the memorial service. Your Funeral Director will document these decisions and prepare a funeral contract for you, to ensure that the day will truly reflect the life of your loved one. You will also be provided with any other relevant documents.

At this time, you will receive a Tax Invoice which details the funeral costs and disbursements associated with the memorial service. At Australian Pensioner Funerals, we strongly believe in transparency for our client families and ensure that we only sell you the products and services you require, without any hidden costs. Any fixed prices you decide at this time, will remain the same.

After this stage, your caring consultant will organise the memorial service as decided, but will be available on call 24/7, in case you have any further needs.