• Terence Martin
    In Loving Memory of Terence Martin Terence Martin The funeral service of Terence Martin will be offered Friday (5 November) […]
  • Thomas Crooks
    In Loving Memory of Thomas Crooks Thomas Crooks The funeral service of Thomas Crooks will be offered Tuesday (25 October) […]
  • Betty Jerabek
    In Loving Memory of Betty Jerabek Betty Jerabek The funeral service of Betty Jerabek will be offered Tuesday (26 October) […]
  • Ronald King
    In Loving Memory of Ronald King Ronald King The funeral service of Ronald King will be offered Tuesday (21 September) commencing […]
  • Samuel Trevillian
    In Loving Memory of Samuel Trevillian Samuel Trevillian The funeral service of Samuel Trevillian will be offered Thursday (5 […]
  • Carmelina Renga
    In Loving Memory of Carmelina Renga Carmelina Renga Funeral Service of Carmelina Renga will be offered WEDNESDAY (4 August) […]
  • Marjory Tattersall
    In Loving Memory of Marjory Tattersall Marjory Tattersall Funeral Service of Marjory Tattersall will be offered MONDAY (May 24) […]
  • Eileen Lescai
    In Loving Memory of Eileen Lescai Eileen Lescai Funeral Service of Eileen Lescai will be offered NEXT TUESDAY (March 23) […]
  • Denis Burger
    In Loving Memory of Denis Burger Denis Burger The funeral service for Mr Denis Burger will be held at Doveton Baptist Church 127 […]
  • Robert McDowell
    Robert McDowell The Funeral Service for Mr Robert McDowell will be a private family service in the Crick Chapel, Fawkner Memorial […]
  • Jennifer Rosemary Gomerski
    Jennifer Rosemary Gomerski The funeral service for Mrs Jennifer Rosemary Gomerski will be held at the Cordell Chapel, Fawkner […]
  • Francoise Alvis
    Francoise Alvis ALVIS Funeral Mass for the repose of the soul of Mrs Francoise Alvis will be offered at Resurrection Church, 402 […]
  • Violet Lucy McCoy
    Violet Lucy McCoy The Funeral Service for Mrs Violet Lucy McCoy will be held in the Renowden Chapel, Springvale Botanical […]
  • Linda Dyer
    Linda Patricia Dyer DYER The Funeral service to celebrate the life of Mrs Linda Dyer will be held in the Wilson Chapel, […]
  • Emilio Pita
    Emilio Pita PITA Mr Emilio Pita passed away peacefully on Sunday 1st December 2019 at Hammond Care, Caulfield Village. […]